Web Form Submission Outline

  1. Choose an accession type.
  2. Input accession.
  3. Click the example link to see an example of a valid accession input.
  4. Input up to 100 protein sequences in FASTA format.
  5. Click the example link to see examples of valid protein sequence input.
  6. Choose an organism type.
  7. Submit or clear input.

Direct URL Submission Outline

Output Outline

  1. Choose the output features you would like to view.
  2. Protein sequence with predicted sites highlighted.
  3. Enter a percentage or move the slider to choose a specificity.
  4. Graph of predicted sites and their amino acid type.
  5. Table of all output data. Click on a column header to sort on that column.
  6. Download output. Choose Filtered to only download output above the currently selected specificity. Choose All to download all output.

Example Output

Example of Single Sequences Output
Example of Multiple Sequence Output

Demo Video